Trac TCL for eggdrop

I’ve recently had some fun installing Trac project management software on CentOS5.

After finally getting it successfully installed and setup I decided to have a play around with a TCL script for eggdrop.

This eggdrop script will allow you to return ticket information from Trac to an IRC channel.

However, the EggdropTicketInfoIntegration trac.tcl originally written by mvanbaak for Trac v0.10 back in 2007 had become heavily outdated.

Of course, I decided to step up to the mark and make a few improvements to the script…

# 0.1   – almost a complete rewrite
#       – removed flood control, not needed
#       – removed curl support, outdated
#       – added dcc command
#       – improved header
#       – improved channel flag check
#       – fixed regex patterns
#       – fixed spelling errors
#       – added customisation settings
#       – improved package checking
#       – improved debugging
#       – added not found error
#       – added basic authorization support
#       – fixed syntax errors

Anyway, it seems to work pretty well now and I have a few improvements I’m looking to implement in the future.

Here’s the download:

  • trac.tcl


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