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W32Dasm (or Win32DASM) doesn’t seem to exist on the map any more, but it’s still a very useful programmers tool, especially if you like reverse engineering.

W32Dasm is a Windows 32-bit (Win32) disassembler. What it does is display the programs routines in assembly code, which makes it easier for you to trace what the software is doing.

I like to use this software every once in a while, but recently I found there were no decent sources for this software.

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I’ve been meaning to publish a post about Pingotron for some time now, but now I fear it’s already too late.

Quite a few months back I was looking for an application that could sit on my desktop and tell me instantly if any of my servers had stopped responding by ping.

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Adding fonts into photoshop without adding them to windows

If you use Photoshop for any kind of graphic or web design, you’ll understand the importance of having an array of fonts to choose from.

However, you may soon find yourself with a font overload. The problem is that once you get over about 1000 fonts in your Windows directory (usually “C:\Windows\Fonts\”) you’ll find that windows becomes very slow, particularly at startup.

To get around this, you don’t add the fonts to Windows, instead you add them into Photoshop, which is able to handle many more fonts than simply loading them into Windows.

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Icon Software

Over the past few weeks I’ve been assisting the creation of articles regarding icon software on Wikipedia.

It started when I helped improve an article on “Icon Editors“, but because it lacked notability on its own, it was merged with the parent “Computer icon” article. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to restart the explorer shell in Windows XP

If you have landed yourself here chances are you already know why you want to do this, but for those who don’t here’s why:

When installing a new application, they sometimes require you to restart for them to work, often just restarting the Windows explorer shell will be sufficient for it to work as expected.

Normally most people just kill it via Task Manager, but this can have adverse effects on your system (such as data loss), so here’s how to do it properly:

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PHP getmxrr() support for windows

As many of you may be aware there’s a lack of getmxrr() support in Windows, which dates back as far as 1999.

It’s not a major problem for me as an individual because I never use WIN32 PHP in production, but for development and for the purpose of wide distribution it can raise an issue.

Apparently the lack of support in win32 is due to the lack of “res_search” in “bindlib_w32″, I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed already.

The official documentation for the getmxrr() function states:

Note: This function is not implemented on Windows platforms. Try the » PEAR class » Net_DNS.

However, there are problems with this suggestion…

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Missing Mediaid.bin file

Recently I got asked to backup a Vista machine. I’m not a big Vista fan, so this was the first time.

I went ahead and backed up the entire machine onto my external USB hard drive, no problems.

However when it came to restore to a new vista machine I found myself with the following error:

The restore did not finish successfully. Error code:
The backup file could not be found. Check your hardware configuration or restore from a different backup (0×8100001A).

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Tracking an IP address

In my job I have to manage lots of machines all over the place. Many of them are on windows.

I often find tracking IP addresses to be a difficult task if they do not have a static IP address.

So what can be done to keep track of an IP address?

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Print dialog does not appear in Outlook Express or Internet Explorer

Today I get a call.

Outlook Express won’t print.

I log in and take a look. Everything seems normal, and normal documents appear to print.

However, when I click the print button or go to File > Print nothing happens. Strange.

They are running Windows XP Professional SP2, with IE6.

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Firefox “Always On Top” on Windows XP

When watching long streaming online videos I often watch them while I do other things, perhaps even browse other websites. I need something to keep firefox on top!

The problem is the moment that I use another application the focus is taken away from the Firefox window and it goes into the background. This is no good as I can no longer see the video.

I decided to investigate a solution that could keep the Mozilla Firefox window “Always on Top”…

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