The past

The pseudonym “HM2K” was created when I was younger as an online “nickname”. I originally needed a unique username that I could use when signing up to online services (such as hotmail, yahoo, etc).

Generally when choosing such a username you tend not to use your real name for privacy reasons. For one reason or another I eventually ended up with “HM2K” and ran with it ever since. Over the years, the nick “HM2K” has lost it’s original meaning and relevance, and has evolved to represent my online presence.

The present

I am a full time webbum and internet entrepreneur, which basically means I probably spend far too much time online.

Generally my daily life involves company management, systems administration, web development and IT support/consultancy.

As a result of this I spend a lot of my time defining problems and solving them. Once I have a working solution there’s nothing more satisfying than sharing it with others, especially when they show they appreciate it.

As as result, this website is mostly made up of the problems I have defined and their solutions.

The future

I hope to continue doing what I do as it’s a lot of fun, but who knows what the future may hold.

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than doing what you enjoy, and earning a living doing it.

…and slowly, slowly the empire builds.


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