What is notepod?

Originally notepod is a TCL script for eggdrop that allowed you to define strings that you could call by using a trigger and a keyword that related to it.

NotePod.tcl is described by the author (Amadeus) as a channel definition script, similar in many respects to explain and fluxlearn and others.

NotePod.tcl has not been updated since 1998 when 1.3 was released.

Over the years NotePod has been very popular in certain groups, however some users wanted to run a notepod script on their IRC client (mIRC) or on an mIRC based bot, and so notepod.mrc was created.


[01:00:00 pm] > ?? test
[01:00:00 pm] <+Bot> test == test 123 This is merely a test of the emergency def broadcast system, in a moment we’ll return control to you.
[01:01:00 pm] > ?? def
[01:01:00 pm] <+Bot> def == Sorry, that term is not defined.

NotePod.tcl features include:

#  - configurable channel triggers
#  - command specific access flags
#  - fallback to users channel status when user is not on bot
#  - only user who set a definition can replace it (except for master)
#  - only configured script_owners (defined in script config) can forget
#    or replace defs LOCKED by any script_owner listed
#    lock is set by preceeding def with ":"
#    this supports multiple handles in $owner
#  - will not repeat a def within configurable number of mins.
#  - configurable usage limit (default is 5 defs in 3 mins) prevents
#    over-eager users from lagging the bot.
#  - puts non-users who try to use NotePod commands and those who exceed
#    usage limit on ignore for configurable number of mins.
#  - special commands for masters
#  - command to replace a definition
#  - backup bot automatically takes over when primary leaves channel
#  - botnet commands to sync definitions for two bots
#  - configure once for both bots
#  - dcc commands to get various internal files
#  - dcc commands to show, learn, forget and replace definitions
#  - dcc and channel commands to do wildcard matches of nick and body of
#    definitions
#  - automatically sorts defs

The features in Notepod for mIRC very closely resemble the features in notepod.tcl



  1. IceManx said,

    April 19, 2008 @ 1:55 pm

    Thanks Matey

    your always the best and soon (I Hope) a lot of the cracks and serialz channels will unite

  2. icemanx said,

    January 31, 2009 @ 8:29 am

    well its getting closer for that

    serialz, serials, cracks, crackz, crackz!, serials&cracks

    plus a few more can be joined…..

    talk later

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