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Ident Spoofing

Today I wrote about Oidentd on Wikipedia. Ident as per RFC 1413 is used for a few different services, in particular IRC. A feature of oidentd that my users find useful is ident spoofing.

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Don’t forget to run make test!

During my install of PHP5 on FreeBSD…

Build complete.
Don’t forget to run ‘make test’.

amber# make test
make: don’t know how to make test. Stop

It made me laugh anyway.

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Setting up a FreeBSD socks proxy server for use with mIRC

I’m getting fed up with my current IRC BNC software. At the moment I’m using psyBNC, which means I have to connect to it like you would an IRC server, then issue commands to that to tell it to connect to the IRC server of your choice.

I no longer need the features of psyBNC and decided that there must be a better way.

At first I started looking at other, more basic BNC software, but then worked out that they work in very much the same way as psyBNC in the fact that you have to first connect to it, then tell it where to connect to.

So I thought… What about a socks5 proxy?

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longip perl script

I wanted to create a script that would convert a normal IP address to a long IP, just like mIRC Script’s $longip alias.


Converts an IP address into a long value and vice-versa.

$longip(  returns 2660774639

$longip(2660774639)       returns

What I was originally trying to do was increase an IP by 1, but due to the octets only allowing up to 255, this became increasingly difficult to do.

What I decided to do in the end was convert the IP to a “longip” then increase it by 1, then convert the IP BACK to normal IP.

This required a way to convert an IP to and from longIP, I was told it could be done purely using shell script, here’s what I did…

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FreeBSD 6.2 “/usr/ports: No such file or directory”

I recently setup a new FreeBSD 6.2 server, only to find the following:

server# cd /usr/ports
/usr/ports: No such file or directory.

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Configuring a FreeBSD IRC Shell Server

This is a brief guide created to help configure a secure FreeBSD as an IRC shell server.

In this case I will be running FreeBSD 6.0, with bash shell, SSHd, named (bind), httpd (Apache2+PHP4), FTPd (pure-ftpd). Read the rest of this entry »

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Xen on CentOS Host running FreeBSD Guest

Recently i’ve been investigating Xen. In short, Xen is open source virtualisation software that provides you with the ability to split a physical hardware server (host or dom0) into multiple virtual servers (guest or domU).

What makes Xen so special above the rest is that it offers such a wide span of guest operating systems. Read the rest of this entry »

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