Lame Botnet

Yes, my botnet is pretty lame, but it’s also kinda cool. I’m not talking about anything bad though.

My botnet is an eggdrop botnet that I use on the EFnet IRC network and it runs a script I called “lame”.

The script my botnet uses written in tcl was originally created by unknownd, but has since stopped development.

I know that he stopped development because not only did I speak to him before he quit IRC, but all his sites are no longer available.

UnKnownD – [email protected] parted #serialz on October 3 2001 2:24:31pm

The script was originally called “harry.tcl“, but it had a few bugs, so I decided to fix them and call it lame.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic script, but what I had was pretty lame, as it was just a hacked up version of someone else’s script but I only used it for my own personal botnet, so it didn’t really matter.

However, I now realise that it is actually better than the original harry.tcl because of the bugs I have fixed and the tweaks I added.

A few people over the years have shown a little interest in my botnet script, so I think it’s about time that I released it.

So where do I get the goodies?

I’ve setup a project hosting on Google Code as “lamebotnet“.

There’s no “release” as such yet, but you can get the files you need here, you only need to really follow the instructions in the readme file.

Don’t forget to configure your “botnet” file, otherwise your bots won’t know where to connect.

I am aware that by releasing the script I may make myself more vulnerable to exploitation and people may point out issues or bugs I wasn’t aware of, but hey, I’m all for improvement and look forward to fixing them.

Of course, this is assuming there even are any issues, there may not be, I’ve run this since about 2001 and had no major issues yet, so my hopes are pretty high.


PS. Think of your own naming scheme for your botnet, I’m already using the muppets!

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