How to Copyright your website

People often ask me how to go about getting their website copyrighted, this is my advise…

To put it simply, the majority of the time you won’t even need to copyright your website. This is because it is generally pretty easy to prove that you originally created it.

However, sometimes you may want that extra bit of reassurance to prove without a shadow of a doubt that you are in fact the true copyright holder of the website.

Under British law it is stated that the copyright is created when the creation leaves the creators mind and takes a physical form, so when it comes to websites it can become complicated.

One of the most popular methods of ensuring you own the copyright to your material is to follow these steps:

  1. Get a few witnesses to sign and date a document that states they have checked the work, and believe it is original.
  2. Print off a copy of the design and source code or place the material on a form of media (such as CD or DVD).
  3. Place the print or media into an envelope (or package) along with the signed document.
  4. Seal the package and send it to your or your lawyers address via special delivery post, this will be stamped and dated.
  5. Do not open the package, leave it sealed and ensure it is stored safely.

This method has been proven to work in British courts in the past to resolve copyright disputes, however it may not always work, so always seek advise from a lawyer.

You could also try the UK Copyright Service or the UK Intellectual Property Office. Also see Copyright in the Wikipedia.

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