An FTP client

I have been looking for a decent FTP client for years, and now I think I have finally found it!

Here are some other FTP clients I have tried over the years.

  • LeechFTP was good, I used it for years, but they have stopped developing it, and bitbeamer that was suposed to replace it never happened.
  • BulletProof FTP is good, I have used it for years, but I get the feeling its not worth $29.95, especially when its something that should be free.
  • FlashFXP is a pain as they are ALWAYS updating it and there’s about a million different versions, it costs $25.
  • SmartFTP is free, but it just doesn’t cut it in the real world, its useless at times and difficult to use.
  • CuteFTP I never liked, its over priced (at $59.99) and over rated.

The answer is here at last…

FileZilla has the answer, its free, its open source, its up-to-date and it works. (Although it would be good if you could import settings from other clients)

Well its either that or using the ftp command provided with windows.

Note: Since I wrote this I have been told to check out SmartFTP v2, as I am told it is far better than v1, and its free!

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