Yesterday marks the day that I took over the “cssbase” project.

CSSbase is a html and css base framework that has been developed to make web site development quicker and more efficient.

I hope to continue to maintain this project for all to use freely.

The project was started by nrgetik, however he passed away on Sunday June 14, 2009. I didn’t know nrgetik that well on a personal level, but he was considered one of us in the webdev and css communities on EFnet. He was very much an integral part of our community and will be missed.

A while back I decided that I would like to take on this project and maintain it in his memory. I thought it would be best to let a little time pass before I muscled in and took over the project. I felt enough time had passed.

I contacted Google via their Hosting at Google Code Group, I asked the question “What do you do if the project owner dies?” and after a bumpy start I was eventually in touch with a very helpful Google employee, who assisted me with the project transfer.

The project is now in my ownership and I will continue to maintain it in his memory.

This is for you good buddy!

Please help to test and give useful and helpful feedback to improve it. As nrgetik would have wanted it.

If you like the sound of this project, use it, or would like to get involved, let me know!


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