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Next time i’m buying a mac

Recently I decided to get away for a break, so I left the country with all intention of not doing anything work related for a week.

This was all fine, but to check my personal emails I decided to find an internet café to rather than use my mobile phone to save my pennies.

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HP Software Update

Today, I am trying to install a “HP Scanjet 7650n”, everything seems okay, until I come to install the software.

As part of the software installation it appears to install a piece of software called “HP Software Update”.

Unfortunately this causes me an error:

Product: HP Software Update — A newer version of this software has been found on your system. Setup will now exit.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

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Correct Documents and Settings folder on Windows 2000

Today I get a frantic call from a client who’s experiencing a little bit of trouble with his laptop.

“When it all loads up, it’s not the same as normal, my Outlook icon is missing, I can’t get to my email and my favourites are gone from Internet Explorer.”

He’s using Windows 2000, so my immediate suspicion is that he’s logged on as another user by mistake, so, it should be nothing more than a 5 minute job right?

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How to create a boot CD for Windows ME

Today I was given a machine that has Windows ME installed (Yes, Windows ME sucks, I know).

Outline of the situation:

  • The user wants windows restored to a working state.
  • It does not boot into windows, reinstall is required.
  • I do not have the original setup disc, only the setup files.
  • I have no floppy disk drive to create a boot disk.
  • I need a bootable CD with the installation files on.
  • The user only has a license for Windows ME.

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Win32 Virtob/Virut removal

Today I got handed a machine riddled with a virus that avast! detects as “Win32 Virtob“, also known as “Win32 Virut“.

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How to Disable Windows Messenger

Why would you want to disable Windows Messenger?

Well you may notice that nobody uses the old Windows Messenger anymore, this is because it is abandon-ware, its no longer updated or maintained by Microsoft. This is because we all use MSN Messenger, Messenger Live or third party software (trillian or such).

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Installing IonCube Loader with cPanel on CentOS

There seems to be limited details of how this is done. It’s fairly simple to be honest, but I felt it could save somebody some time if it was documented.

In case you were wondering IonCube is a PHP encoder, usually used to stop people stealing your PHP code when you distribute it. Consequently to run the encoded PHP you require a “loader”, which will run it correctly.

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Configuring a FreeBSD IRC Shell Server

This is a brief guide created to help configure a secure FreeBSD as an IRC shell server.

In this case I will be running FreeBSD 6.0, with bash shell, SSHd, named (bind), httpd (Apache2+PHP4), FTPd (pure-ftpd). Read the rest of this entry »

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Xen on CentOS Host running FreeBSD Guest

Recently i’ve been investigating Xen. In short, Xen is open source virtualisation software that provides you with the ability to split a physical hardware server (host or dom0) into multiple virtual servers (guest or domU).

What makes Xen so special above the rest is that it offers such a wide span of guest operating systems. Read the rest of this entry »

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My AVI files crash explorer.exe

Often when I am browsing files using explorer I will come across a file that is an avi, when I move my cursor over the file or click on it, explorer will crash with the following message (or similar):

explorer.exe - Application Error

The instruction at “0×04080db8″ referenced memory at “0×00000000″. The memory could not be “written”.

Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program


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