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10 wordpress performance optimisation tips

I wanted to prepare my wordpress powered blog for an influx of traffic from social media sites such as, in case one of my articles got big, so I decided to investigate what could be done to optimise the performance my blog.

This is the result…

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10 reasons why phpBB3 sucks!

I’ve been using phpBBv2 for a long while now, on quite a few sites for one reason and another. I like phpBB because it’s simple to use, for both users and admin. Things like the “ego search” are features I wouldn’t want to live without.

phpBBv2 was great, things like the templates, and installing mods was much to be desired, however workarounds appeared and we got used to dealing with them.

Upon the announcement that phpBB3 was coming out I got excited. Now usually I wait until the first bug fix release comes out before I start using the product, however I wanted to start a new forum, so instead of installing phpBB2 I decided to try phpBB3

This is what I found…

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eCommerce shopping cart software

So you’ve got a shop, or perhaps a new product range and you want to build a website so you can sell online.

What you need is some kind of web based eCommerce shopping cart system, the question is which?

I decided to build a short list of web based eCommerce shopping cart software out there.

The scenario is this, you have a client who wants an eCommerce solution, they are paying you, but not nearly enough, you’re doing this as more of a favour. You started to develop a solution for them, but felt their feedback wasn’t sufficient which would ultimately lead to missing things out, and it probably wasn’t worth it anyway. What is needed is a base platform to build upon.

The rules are this, it must be open source, and it must work out of the box.

Please remember, this is based purely on my options, by all means, take them on board, and form your own options.

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Storing mySQL database settings for php and perl in one file

I have a situation where there’s two scripts.

  1. The main core of the code which is PHP based.
  2. A perl script which is called by the mail server for parsing incoming mail.

Both of these scripts require database access to the same database.

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OpenCart v0.7.9 released

OpenCart is an open source PHP-based e-commerce online shop website solution. Ideal for new or existing stores to start selling online.

OpenCart all began because (at the time) the leading open source e-commerce solution out there was not very good, to say the least.

The first notable release was OpenCart v0.5 back in late 2006 and has been gaining momentum ever since.

The project is lead by Daniel Kerr, and I have also recently joined the team.

Download OpenCart v0.7.9

If you need any assistance with OpenCart, you can find me on the OpenCart Community Forums, and on the OpenCart Google Code project site.

Don’t forget to donate!



PHPbase web framework

What is the PHPbase web framework?

PHPbase web framework (also known as PHPBase 0.0.1) is a PHP based frame work library for building websites, originally written in 2003.

Note: This framework is old, very old, dating back to 2003, however it does work in php4, for php5 I recommend ezcomponents, also take a look at symfony, however this is not as highly rated, also check pear.

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How to search by nearest UK postcode in PHP

Often clients ask me to create a function where by a visitor can come onto their website, there they can enter in their postcode, the idea is to then display the closest location based on locations in a database.

Aim: To display details of a predefined location that is closest to the visitor based on the postcode they enter.

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Developing a Facebook Application on PHP4

I want to create a facebook application, however currently all my production servers run PHP4.

Ultimately the project will be appear on your Facebook profile as a profile box.

I’m writing this while I begin creating my facebook application to assist people in a similar situation to myself.

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email address on your website

This is something that people don’t seem to realise, and although I tell them over and over it seems to go ignored.


The reason is that spam bots crawl websites and gather email addresses, then place them into a list ready to spam.

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PHP coding standards and best practices

I have been using PHP for a long time now, it’s a very flexible language, and is a good platform.

Over the years PHP coders have gotten a very bad reputation mainly due to poor coding and not escaping SQL.

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